We, the CITY PLANNERS provide range of services:

Surveys & Investigations for Roads, Power Plants, Bridges, Flyovers, Buildings and Land Development

  • Industrial and Infrastructural Development
  • State and National Highways / Bridges / Flyovers
  • Environmental (Water Supply and Sewerage)
  • Railways
  • Irrigation & Utility Services
  • Rural and Urban Development
  • Oil and Gas Pipeline Network
  • Power Plants(solar, Hydroelectric & Wind Energy) & Power Transmission Network
  • Land Records - Landscapes - Real Estate Promotion

Traffic Surveys

  • Mid Block Counts
  • Intersection Counts
  • Origin Destination Surveys
  • Mode Choice User Survey
  • Screen Line and Cordon Survey
  • Terminal User Survey - Bus, Rail & Airports
  • Pedestrian Survey
  • Boarding & Alighting Survey
  • Videographic Survey
  • Opinion Survey

Solar Power Plant Engineering Procurement & Construction

  • Site Inspection and Assessment
  • Inverter& Battery Design
  • Electrical Design and drawings
  • Structure Design and drawings
  • Civil Design and Estimation
  • Bill of quantities
  • Costing
  • Implementation - Execution and Execution & Commisioning
  • Operation and Maintenance

Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning

  • Traffic Surveys
  • Traffic Studies
  • Traffic and Operational Management Plan
  • Access permission from National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) for NH Roads  for utility infrastructure including fuel stations, Petrol Pump Stations, private properties, OFC Cables, Water Pipeline, Gas pipe line & TNEB line
    • Our Services includes obtaining permission from NHAI, Feasibility Studies, Traffic Survey and Projections, Design and Installation /Execution of Drains, Culverts, Traffic Signs, Road Markings, Service Roads.
    • As per Guidelines/Norms from Ministry of Road Transport & Highways for access permissions
    • Statutory Approvals and Documentation

Urban Planning

  • Urban Studies
  • Township Design
  • Social Surveys


  • Preparation of Techno Economic Feasibility Studies
  • Master Plan Preparation
  • Traffic Forecast
  • Airside Design
  • Landside Design
  • Land Surveys for Site location
  • GPS Surveys for Site Demarcation
  • Assistance to Contractors and Owners in Tender Document PreparationMaster Plan Preparation

Urban Engineering Design

  • Design of Truck Terminals & Container Terminals
  • Design of Flyovers, Bridges
  • Multi level Parking Facility Design

Pre Construction Stage

  • Land Schedule Plan
  • Utilities Relocation Plan

BOT / Annuity Analysis

  • BOT Modeling
  • BOT Evaluation
  • BOT Viability Studies
  • Alternate Route Analysis
  • Location of Fee Plaza Design
  • Design Review & Proof Checking

Highway Design

  • Selection of Alignment
  • Geometric Design: Design of Horizontal and Vertical Alignments(Software: MX ROAD)
  • Design of Toll Plaza
  • Pavement Design as per ASTM & IRC, flexible and rigid
  • Bill of Quantities
  • Costing
  • Preparation of As Built drawing for already executed road projects

Road Safety Engineering

  • Data Collection
  • Analysis
  • Black Spot Identification
  • Causes & Remedies

Traffic and Transportation Modelling using VISUM & VISSIM

  • Ticketing Counters and Queuing
  • City Road network Modelling
  • 3D Modelling - MRTS, Mono Rail & Expressways
  • Traffic Impact Models
  • Airport Car Parking
  • Marine Terminal & Cargo Handling
  • Terminal Boarding and Alighting
  • Traffic Signal and Intersections
  • Statistical Data Regression Modelling

Buildings & Architecture

  • Building Plan & Estimation - Residential, Commercial, Industrial
  • Layout Plan - Design, Approval and Site Demarcation
  • Structural Engineering Analysis and Drawings for Residential Buildings and Apartments
  • Bar Bending Schedules
  • Site Construction Drawings
  • Perspective Drawings & Banners
  • Valuation of Residential, Commercial & Industrial Property for loan Syndication, Market Value Assesment, Compensation
  • Demolition Plan for Existing buildings
  • Approval and Sanction from Local Panchayats and Chennai City Corporation, Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority for Alteration/Addition, Demolition and Reconstruction, Subdivision

Geotechnical Studies and Investigations

  • Preparation of Project Specific Technical Specifications for Geotechnical Investigations
  • Review of Geotechnical Investigations Report and Checking its adequacy for the project
  • Design of Shallow Foundation
  • Design of Deep Foundation
  • Bored Cast in situ Pile foundations
  • Driven Piles (Concrete piles /ICP Piles)
  • Slope stability and design of Bund / high embankments
  • Ground Improvement using prefabricated vertical drains / stone columns
  • Geotechnical investigations (Land) includes
    • Boring
    • Conducting Field SPT Tests
    • Collection of Disturbed, Undisturbed soil samples
    • Laboratory Testing
    • Report Preparation